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Bidding over the phone



The Sant'Agostino auction house brings to the screen the wonderful art of the 19th century and the 20th century. It provides this service together with Canale Arte (channel 697 in Piedmont, 665 in Liguria and Web TV) the new prestigious channel of Italian culture.

In order to participate live to the auctions, the clients must necessarily register on our site. It is very simple, and can be done in our gallery or through the website (the entry registrarti) or still via e-mail, by fax or  post. However, it is necessary to attach a fotocopy or a scanning of its own ID  (double-sided) and its own social security number.

If you want to make an offer, you need to call in time: two or three lots before the one you're interested in. In order to do this, you have to take a look at our catalgoue on our site, or at our paper version.

However, for some coveted lots, you could get an engaged line. For this reason, we suggest you make an initial offer two or three days before the auction. The offer can be delivered in our premises during the auction's exhibition (you can see live the works you desire) or through the website or via e-mail, by fax, asking besides to get back to you over the phone during the auction.

In order to follow the auction on TV, the remote's numbers will be specified for each auction. 


All auctions are broadcasted live on Canale Arte.