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Auction Estimates


The persons looking forward to selling thier goods at an auction or having a suggestion or a price evaluation for their own goods can rely on Sant’Agostino auction house, corso Tassoni 56, tel. 011.4377770, fax 011.4377577, e-mail: valutazioni@santagostinoaste.it.

We can agree on having some pictures of the goods or exhibiting directly the goods in the glallery.

The Sant’Agostino auction house provides a free examination of the objects as well as a free price estimate for those people who bring their objects to our premises. 

We suggest yuo call in advance before showing up. 

We can arrange home visits to evaluate the objects.

If the works examined are entrusted to the gallery for the auction sale, the home visit is free of charges.



The Sant’Agostino auction is willing to estimate your own goods with no charges for you as long as the objects are included in our categories. Send your estimate request via e-mail to our account: valutazioni@santagostinoaste.it and we will answer you as soon as we can.

Remember that all the estimates are temporary and subjected to revision when our experts will see the objects in person.

The object subjected to our examination must belong to the person who requested the estimate.

If you want us to evaluate your goods, you must send us:

-          Excellent images of the product. If we're talking about paintings or sculptures: pictures on both sides and a signtature detail.

-          Dimensions, technique and all crucial information of the work.

-          Certificate of authenticity , if existing.

-          Source of the work (galleries, collections ecc.)

The work examination will be free of charges, if our expert can examinate the work in our premises. The adivsory service will also be free if the works examined will be eventually left in charge for sale.



Estimates can be done with regard to the insurance, the assets ecc.

The rates are based upon the time employed by the experts and the estimate value. Possible travel expenses must be added.

The estimates are due within three weeks from the examination.